Pure water hawker leaves many emotional with what he wrote on a graduate’s white Sign out shirt

Written by fazazy39

A young pure water hawker touched the hearts of Nigerians with a heartfelt message he wrote on the white shirt of a graduating lady.

The university graduate allowed the boy to sign her shirt, and he considered it a great honor.

In a heartwarming moment, the young pure water hawker was spotted on his knees, scribbling a message on the graduating lady’s shirt, while she showered him with prayers for prosperity and success.

His message conveyed the hope that, having sold pure water, none of her own children would have to do the same.

Emotional reactions have poured in from various individuals:

@stubborn 🔝💔 noted: “He said none of your child will sell water 😭”

@Government Pikin 👑💀 asked: “How can I meet the guy 🥺🥺😞😞😞😞 make I surprise him”

@nne_omah3 shared: “I know this guy in Calabar. Sometimes he will ask you, ‘Do you know why I’m selling pure water? I want to buy school sandals which I can help one day 😭'”

@CHUBBY TARELA🧸🖤 wrote: “Omo, this actually made me cry 😭💔”

@🌈👑Nefi🧜‍♀️⚜️🌊 said: “The fact tears dropped from my eyes”

@Favygem💎💎 remarked: “Omo I cried seeing this 🥺 it is well”

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