“I Will Not Keep Quiet, The Whole World Must Witness This”— Lizzy Anjorin Says As She Called Out Her Husband Over New Wife (Watch The Drama)

Written by fazazy39

Lizzy Anjorin, a Nollywood actress, has openly called out her husband online for marrying a younger wife.

She explained that in Yoruba culture, when a new king ascends the throne, it is customary for the king to marry a young and beautiful wife. Lizzy Anjorin noted that the same tradition applies to individuals who receive new chieftaincy titles.

To that end, she encouraged her husband to marry another wife who would fulfill the role of caring for the new chieftaincy title he was recently honored with.

In a video, Lizzy Anjorin’s husband arrived on the scene and questioned her about why he should marry another wife. In response, Lizzy Anjorin explained that she believed her husband had already enjoyed her to the fullest and needed someone with fresh blood.

Her husband insisted that she could never finish enjoying her, and her beauty alone was enough for him. Fans reacted to the video, with some asking if Lizzy Anjorin could handle them. She responded by asking if they could handle him as well.

Here are some social media reactions to the video:

  • Oluwasanmiife: “The Lord will bless you, Mummy Florida. I have sons!! And every time, I pray that I want a woman like you, who will fight in all areas for my son to be who God wants them to be. A woman who will allow my children to make it in life.”
  • Kuze_villa: “I’m watching this and I’m smiling like a mumu 😂 love is a beautiful thing 😍.”
  • Iambatunde60: “Chaii LizzyomoAjorin, if you ask for two on this man, he will run away. May God help you!”
  • Real_Realprincessadax: “I can’t stop laughing. He said he doesn’t want to be recorded, he’s running for Awon Omo sana’wole.”
  • Oreoluwa_akitim: “I had a good laugh 😂 it’s your straight face for me. Who will marry that iyawo oye (second wife)? 😂😂😂 The husband is running from her!”

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