“You should be investing For The Future instead of cars”- Fans reacts as singer Portable shows his brand new BMW SUV

Written by fazazy39

Fans and followers of the singer, Portable, reacted with mixed emotions after he flaunted his new BMW SUV worth millions of naira on his Instagram handle. Some congratulated him and celebrated his success, while others took the opportunity to throw jabs and criticize him.

Portable shared photos and videos of his expensive new car, expressing gratitude to God for his blessings. He emphasized the role of God in his achievements.

The reactions from fans varied, with some praising his success and faith, while others criticized him, perhaps out of jealousy or disbelief in his newfound wealth. It’s not uncommon for celebrities to receive both positive and negative feedback when they showcase their luxurious possessions on social media.

Reactions to Portable’s new BMW SUV were mixed among netizens. Some congratulated him on his acquisition while others had various comments, both positive and critical:

  1. Some expressed concern about his multiple car purchases and suggested that he should invest in his appearance instead of buying more cars. They also questioned the source of his wealth.
  2. Some fans playfully suggested that he should have bought another Brabus instead of the BMW X3, and they congratulated him.
  3. Others humorously commented on his frequent car purchases and called him an “aza man,” referencing his ability to acquire cars with his earnings.
  4. Some congratulated him on his new ride and wished him well with it.
  5. There were also comments suggesting that he should take good care of his new car and not let it deteriorate like his previous Brabus.

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