“He Deflowered me” Mohbad’s wife speaks on relationship with Naira Marley, Sam Larry, private Chats leak

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Private conversations in which Mohbad’s wife, Omawumi, discusses her friendship with Naira Marley and Sam Larry have surfaced.

In response to ongoing allegations of an affair with Sam Larry, MohBad’s wife issued an exclusive statement. She firmly stated that their interactions have been limited to polite greetings whenever they’ve crossed paths and vehemently denied any intimate discussions.

She emphasized that the rumors are baseless and aimed to clarify any misconceptions regarding her relationship with Sam Larry.

Additionally, MohBad’s wife revealed a troubling history of harassment by Kemi Olunloyo, who consistently targeted her husband during his time in the public eye.

Furthermore, the wife claimed a connection between Olunloyo and Naira Marley, suggesting prior contact between them.

This revelation brought to the surface a potential motive behind the harassment and prompted inquiries into the inner workings of the music industry.

To add complexity to the situation, MohBad’s wife revealed that Naira Marley had displayed animosity towards her at a certain point during MohBad’s association with him.

She stated, “I have never had a physical conversation with SamLarry in my life. I only greet him whenever I see him. Naira Marley has been in contact with Kemi Olunloyo before.”

She went on to mention, “She has always bullied Mohbad when he was alive. She has a relationship with Naira Marley. And Naira Marley disliked me at some point when Mohbad was with him.”

Although the exact reasons for this animosity remained unclear, it raised questions about potential tensions within the music industry.

The wife’s revelation introduced a new layer to the story, leaving fans and followers intrigued about the dynamics between Naira Marley and MohBad’s wife.

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