“Stop Rumoring”- Iyabo Ojo addresses her fans, urging them to stop sending her distracting posts and instead focus on believing that Mohbad loved both his parents.

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian actress Iyabo Ojo has used her social media platform to provide clarity regarding a controversial song lyric by Mohbad that had sparked online discussions.

Many netizens had interpreted the lyric in question as Mohbad referring to his mother leaving him for 10 years in one of his songs released before his untimely passing.

However, in her explanation, Iyabo Ojo clarified that the lyrics were actually referring to “money” and not Mohbad’s mother.

In her clarification, Iyabo Ojo sought to dispel the false narrative surrounding Mohbad’s song “Sorry” from his previous album. She aimed to provide a more accurate understanding of the song’s lyrics and the artist’s intended meaning.

Iyabo Ojo wrote, “Ten years i nor see money, ego, kudi, Owo, that’s what he said. Not mommy. Please always check the lyrics of the song well, it’s important. And even if it’s mommy he said, abeg, how does this help the case? He loved both parents, which one come be una own. Please stop sending me all this distraction, please.”

She also mentioned that she would address these distractions during a live session the next day and urged people to allow the police to do their job. She emphasized the importance of reliable information and encouraged those with such information to contact the police. Iyabo Ojo concluded by expressing confidence that justice would be served in the case.

Her clarification aimed to ensure a more accurate interpretation of the song lyrics and prevent unnecessary distractions amid the ongoing investigation.

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