“Everything About Them Is F@ke”- Yomi Fabiyi criticizes Iyabo, Princess, and Tonto Dikeh As Pretending Activist in relation to the Baba Ijesha case.

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian actor and filmmaker, Yomi Fabiyi, has stirred controversy on social media by critiquing some of his fellow entertainers, specifically singling out Iyabo Ojo, Princess, and Tonto Dikeh, regarding their involvement in the Baba Ijesha case.

Fabiyi accused them of engaging in what he referred to as “social media drama” during the Baba Ijesha case. He suggested that they may have overlooked the roles of other individuals implicated in the matter, specifically naming Damola Adekola and Princess’s security personnel.

During the Baba Ijesha case, Iyabo Ojo, Princess, and Tonto Dikeh were vocal advocates for the victim, demanding justice.

However, Fabiyi now contends that their actions were misguided and may have inadvertently obscured the involvement of others responsible for the alleged crime.

He mentioned Damola Adekola and Princess’s security personnel, implying that they might also have had a role in the case but were not held accountable due to the fervent involvement of his colleagues in the entertainment industry.

In his statement, Fabiyi encouraged a more objective and intelligent approach to seeking justice, suggesting that his colleagues tend to rely on sentiments, lies, conspiracy theories, and drama. He criticized their tendency to resort to bullying, threats, and intimidation when faced with differing opinions, even if those opinions are well within legal rights. Fabiyi emphasized the need for informed discussions and respectful dialogue on important issues.

Fabiyi concludes his statement by criticizing what he sees as envy, delusion, and arrogance among his colleagues, referring to them as “a bunch of Social Media Drama Activists.” He expresses hope that people will be discerning this time and not allow this group of individuals to distract and disrupt the important investigation and pursuit of justice.

In Yoruba, he adds, “E gborun soun,” which loosely translates to “Let the wise take heed.”

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