“Believe My Words, Mohbad reaped the rewards of drinking, smoking and associating himself with evl men”- Pastor Tunde Bakare

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Nigerian clergyman and the serving overseer of the Citadel Global Community Church, Pastor Tunde Bakare, shared insights during a church event in Leicester, United Kingdom, regarding Mohbad’s life and untimely demise.

Pastor Tunde Bakare highlighted how Mohbad’s stage name, “Mohbad,” which means “I am bad,” may have had an influence on his life. He emphasized that he wasn’t blaming the singer for his death but pointed out that Mohbad had reaped the consequences of his associations with “evil men.”

During his sermon, Pastor Tunde Bakare stated, “When he was drinking and smoking and associating with evil men, he did not know that the harvest would come so soon and that he would soon be cut down at the prime of youth. I am not blaming him, I am just telling you. Is MohBad a good name? Moh Bad.”

His remarks shed light on the impact of one’s choices and associations on life outcomes, using Mohbad’s life as an example.

Actress Iyabo Ojo addressed the controversy surrounding one of Mohbad’s song lyrics in a recent social media post. The song lyrics had sparked discussions online, with some believing Mohbad was referring to his mother.

Iyabo Ojo clarified that the lyrics were not about his mother but about “money” and financial struggles. She emphasized the importance of checking song lyrics carefully and questioned how discussing the lyrics would help the case.

In her Instagram post, she stated, “Ten years i nor see money, ego, kudi, Owo, that’s what he said. Not mommy, please always check the lyrics of the song well; it’s important.”

She also urged people to refrain from sending distracting messages and revealed her intention to address various distractions during a live session, while also encouraging everyone to allow the police to conduct their investigation.

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