“You Can’t Do Anything For Him, We’re Here For Him”– Sam Larry Guys Says As They Promise To Do Anything For Him (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Associates of Sam Larry have now come forward amidst the public outrage directed at him in connection to Mohbad’s passing. Undoubtedly, the video depicting Sam Larry and his associates disrupting Mohbad’s video shoot has stirred significant public sentiment, sparking anger and resentment toward the socialite.

In a recent video statement, individuals who identify Sam Larry as their superior have expressed unwavering confidence that he will not face any repercussions for his actions. In the video, a group of young men openly acknowledged Sam Larry as their boss and voiced their assurance that nothing adverse would befall him. They even issued a bold challenge to any irate individuals contemplating retribution against him.

Furthermore, they expressed their belief that all the ongoing issues, including the intricacies surrounding Mohbad’s demise, will soon be resolved.

In their final remarks, they emphatically restated their loyalty to Sam Larry, declaring him as their boss, and firmly asserting that nothing adverse would occur to him.

Their statements were delivered in the Yoruba language.

This recent development follows Sam Larry’s response to accusations of assaulting and bullying Mohbad, allegations that some believe may have played a role in the untimely passing of the singer.

Previously, a video circulated on social media depicting Sam Larry interrupting Mohbad’s video shoot with rapper Zlatan Ibile. Additional videos suggested that Sam Larry, an associate of Naira Marley and a friend of Mohbad’s, had physically confronted Mohbad, resulting in injuries.

In the face of significant backlash from many Nigerians who expressed their criticisms on his Instagram page, Sam Larry ultimately restricted comments and eventually deactivated his account.

In a video where he addressed the allegations and offered clarification regarding the encounter with Mohbad, Sam Larry emphasized that he regarded Mohbad as a brother and genuinely cared for him. He mentioned that his love and support for Mohbad during his tenure with Marlian Records were widely recognized, even by his wife.

Sam Larry clarified that the videos showing him confronting Mohbad during Zlatan’s video shoot were not recent, and he emphasized that he was currently residing abroad.

While acknowledging past disagreements with Mohbad, he vehemently denied any intention to harm him or wish ill upon him. He reiterated that he had no knowledge of the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s passing.

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