“This matter go long oh” – Photo of late Mohbad with huge injuries on his stomach surfaces

Written by fazazy39

As a photo of the murdered musician Mohbad surfaces, showing a major injury on the side of his stomach, rumors of a possible shooting event are rampant.

In the midst of the ongoing fight for justice on behalf of the former Marlian Music signee, fresh information and previously unreported details are constantly emerging.

An image of Mohbad with a noticeable scar on the side of the late singer’s stomach was posted on Instagram by popular skit producer OGB Recent as part of the most recent update.

Despite the scar being totally healed, many people assumed they had been shot because of how massive the wound appeared.

Observe the image below;

In a different post, OGB Recent highlighted that the details surrounding the late singer’s demise exceed what is publicly known. He expressed, “The situation is extensive, it surpasses our understanding, but I continue to carry Mohbad in my thoughts every second. #JusticeForMohbad.”

Here are the reactions to the post:

classified_thrift_: I believe Mohbad’s father was paid a significant amount to bury him hastily. If they had conducted an autopsy, this case would have been prolonged. It’s crucial to understand that this whole situation appears to be a well-orchestrated setup. To achieve justice, we need a team of capable lawyers to investigate thoroughly.

joedreamchaser: Did Naira Marley have a hand in this too? I’ve been saying that Naira didn’t kill him, despite their rivalry. They should question those who were with him the night/morning he died. None of them are talking, and the one who did got cut off abruptly during his live stream. They should start by asking his associates.

muller______: It’s possible that this young man knew a secret they didn’t want to get out, so they decided to silence him by taking his life. 💔💔💔.

dj_shay_man: NDLEA has something to answer for in all this. FELA claimed NDLEA injected him while he was in their custody, and he died months later. The same happened with baba suwe; he made similar claims. Now, Mohbad mentioned NDLEA giving him something to drink, and he also passed away after some months. What’s really happening in NDLEA custody? And with Naira Marley being their ambassador, it raises questions about their association with NDLEA. I’m just sharing my thoughts.

lavida__loca09: Why are people posting all this nonsense now that he’s gone? Stop with these accusations and let’s focus on finding out what truly happened to him. Everyone seems to want attention in the wake of his death. This is unbelievable 😳.

__aayomiposi: It seems joining Zeh Nation would be a better choice than being part of Marlians’ record label 🤦‍♀️🥹.

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