“Mohbad Don’t Rest Ooo”– Bobrisky commands Mohbad’s spirit to hunt everyone responsible for his death

Written by fazazy39

Social media influencer Bobrisky has responded to the passing of Nigerian singer Mohbad, urging his spirit to awaken and seek justice against those responsible for his untimely demise.

Mohbad, a promising talent in the Nigerian music scene, left many shocked by his sudden and mysterious death. As the music industry and fans grieve, calls for answers and accountability have grown.

In a dramatic turn of events, Bobrisky took to social media to make a powerful statement five days after the singer’s death. The influencer asserted that Mohbad’s spirit should haunt all individuals involved in his death.

In her statement, she wrote, “It’s heartbreaking! The more I learn about this young man named Mohbad, the more my emotions are stirred. You made life a living hell for a young boy, and you think you can live freely too?”

No way, my friend. We won’t rest until he gets justice. I’ve seen people writing ‘RIP’ on Mohbad’s pictures. Well, sadly, he can’t rest now. He should rise and haunt everyone who played a role in cutting his life short. Then, he can finally Rest In Peace.”

Nigerians took to the comments section to react to the influencer’s statements about Mohbad’s death. Here are some of the reactions:

omobolanle_ii said, “Mummy of Lagos, I support this statement.”

sophiabae11 said, “Absolutely, Mummy of Lagos, he can’t Rest In Peace now.”

belynda_ said, “Everyone is taking action on social media, but no one is taking real-life action.”

iamkingdinero1 said, “I don’t understand why they are beating around the bush. Be specific about who you are referring to. If it’s Naira Marley, mention his name. If it’s Sam Larry, mention his name. Why say ‘you’? Annoying.”

desmond_dex said, “If we want to take this matter seriously, we should consider starting a protest. But some two-faced individuals will likely hijack the protest, just like they did during #EndSARS, and blame it on Igbo/IPOB. They might even use it as an excuse to criticize election outcomes. Nigeria is too divided to achieve anything substantial, let alone a fair justice system.”

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