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Please don’t give my credit to another person, am the girl in the l€@k $€x tape not Mhiz Gold – Lady cries out (Video)

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian lady named Melanie has raised concerns online due to a controversial private video that has been circulating on social media.

The private video, initially claimed to belong to a TikTok user named Mhiz Gold, has sparked significant discussion and controversy. TikToker Mhiz Gold clarified that she is not the person featured in the leaked video.

However, Melanie has come forward, asserting that she is the individual depicted in the leaked video. She also disclosed that she has several similar videos posted across various social media platforms because she sells them.

Melanie pleaded with people to give her the credit for the video, rather than attributing it to Mhiz Gold, who had no involvement in the private video.

Her video below:

The video prompted a series of intriguing comments from social media users. Here are some of the reactions:

busty_promise humorously remarked, “Miss Gold right now, what a wonderful God 😂😂.”

sy_mighty pointed out, “She was on drugs. See her tongue. Nobody could say that with an ordinary eye… where is the dignity? Where is moral justification? Where is the video?”

chic_collections4 added humorously, “Let us finish with Mohbad first; we are coming back for you.”

rich____kinging commented, “After you are on color, look at her mouth, shameless generation’s.”

maryjanechinyaya expressed concern, “Oh God, save my generation. How do we begin to celebrate such? This is the first time I’m seeing a young girl proudly claiming a s@x video is hers. Where did we go wrong? If you’re seeing this comment, please look to Jesus for help, sweetie; he won’t deny you no matter what.”

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