“How I wish I had one boyfriend” – Single lady with big nose cries bitterly, says no one wants to date her (Video)

Written by fazazy39

A young Nigerian lady with a distinctive and cute big nose has expressed her deep sorrow over her lack of a boyfriend.

Using her TikTok handle, Ammie Sweeshy, she shared a video where she lamented that no man seems to be interested in her.

This came as a response to a question from one of her TikTok followers who inquired if she had a boyfriend. She replied, “I wish I had one, but no one wants me.”

In the video, it was evident that the lady had a prominent nose, although she didn’t clarify whether it was a natural feature or a result of a medical condition.

Ammie appeared to be genuinely upset in the video, expressing her longing for a romantic partner. Despite her unique nose, she garnered support from viewers who found her beautiful and encouraged her in the comments.

Watch the video below

The video elicited an emotional response from social media users, who sympathized with the young lady. Here are some of the comments:

@THE FASTEST BAGGER commented, “You’re so beautiful, don’t let what people say ruin you. I’m single in case you need a boyfriend, let me know.”

@Princesseron reassured her, saying, “Don’t worry, dear. Even those who have small noses, some don’t have. So yours will come and will be just as special as you.”

@dawgtreyna humorously remarked, “Funny enough, the nose actually fits you. You are still a fine girl though.”

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