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“Why People Always Make Fake Promises When Ever They Want To Do That Thing”— I DID NOT INTEND FOR HER TO BECOME MY WIFE WHEN I SELECTED HER FROM THE VILLAGE

Written by fazazy39

During a birthday party in April 2023, a 36-year-old businessperson from Enugu State, currently residing in Lagos, expressed deep appreciation for his wife, speaking highly of her with words of praise.

The husband started eulogies his wife by saying his intention was never to make her his wife when he chose her from the village. His original intention was to position her as sales assistant in his business .

When he brought her from the village the original intention was to marry another woman and make her to be sales girl and house maid, but she exhibited a very good character that led to marriage.

However, many village girls are spiritually possessed and based on that he went to pray over her , but all pastors and prophet that he visited said she is a wife material. They encouraged him to marry her instead of another angel that is unknown.

Not yet satisfied,he went to Dr Ohanu spiritual home phone+23480, 8807, 7395 whose divination has been tested and trusted by all and sundry in the area. The moment he opened his mouth to speak Dr Ohanu has already told him what brought him to his Spiritual home.

The man said something that surprised him most. He said what else are you looking for when you already have a wife at home. Dr Ohanu further told him to forget about his intention to marry another person that the lady with him is 100 percent better than the one he want to marry.

This was how he decided to stop searching and devoted his strength and energy on Christina now his better half. After 6 months he went to the village and informed her parents his intention to marry her, but they didn’t believe it .This is because any man who travelled out of the village don’t come to marry village girls.

So her parents applauded the good intention, but were skeptical about it fulfilment. They asked him to pick the date and he told them 23rd of December. With full of expectations he fulfilled the promise and got married to his lovely wife.

Today God has blessed them with very wonderful children. He advised ladies who may have such opportunity to be humble and discipline. God can bless them through any means. The idea of ladies pursuing material things is giving them set back in marriage, but yet many are still making the mistake.

Any one whom God want to use, he predestined them. He therefore concluded that his wife was predestined to marry him and he never regret any minute of his life.

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