“This guy is very mean”– Video as man on a yacht throws his side chick into the river after spotting his girlfriend (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Numerous reactions have emerged in response to a video in which a man aboard a yacht tosses his extramarital partner into the river upon spotting his girlfriend approaching.

The video, circulating widely online, depicts the young man enjoying a flirtatious and intimate moment with his extramarital partner while aboard the yacht.

As the romantic interlude unfolds, the young man spots his girlfriend and her friend approaching and swiftly decides to eliminate any evidence.

Fully aware that his girlfriend had caught him red-handed with his extramarital partner, he took decisive action, swiftly relocating his extramarital partner into the river before his girlfriend and her friend reached him.

Despite managing to diffuse the situation, the girlfriend continued to confront the young man, agitating him.

However, social media users have begun to criticize the man for his actions, expressing concerns that the extramarital partner may not have known how to swim.

Check out these responses:

  1. harfolakem: What if the girl can’t swim 💔.
  2. sje_apparell: This guy’s actions are heartless.
  3. martinuwadia: No evidence left behind.

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