Petition to ban Naira Marley And Marley’s music label has hits over 50,000 signatures

Written by fazazy39

Many are holding Naira Marley responsible for the untimely death of the promising young artist, Mohbad, along with the controversy surrounding the circumstances of his demise.

In the wake of a viral video depicting the artist being assaulted prior to his passing, a petition has been launched targeting the musician and his record label.

The petition aimed at banning Marlian, his music label, has garnered 50,000 signatures.

In response to this, Twxyt commented, “Haaaa, Nigerians can be quite passionate; once they LOVE YOU!!! They can go to great lengths for you.”

Unique Stellp expressed skepticism, saying, “I really wish all these petitions actually worked, but it doesn’t. I remember how many I signed after the election. Oh well, we all saw how that played out.”

Omo Ola Omo Oye emphasized, “The culture of ENTITLEMENT is backfiring. An employer has the right to HIRE & FIRE. It is a business, not sentiment.”

It’s worth noting that a video of Mohbad being harassed by Naira Marley’s aide, Sam Larry, had previously stirred outrage among the public.

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