“I have your nud€ video’s, I Can Post It Anytime” – Man threatens to leak nude videos of comedienne Lizzy Jay (Video)

Written by fazazy39

An unidentified individual has made a disturbing threat to expose private photos and videos of Nigerian actress and comedian, Lizzy Jay. In a video shared on her Instagram, Lizzy Jay can be heard taking a call from this anonymous person, who informs her about possessing her intimate content.

In the video, she shockingly gives him permission to release the material, and he mentions having already sent it to her on Instagram and planning to share it on gossipmill, a media channel.

In response, the actress strongly curses the individual and allows him to go ahead with his intentions. She also posted an update on her social media, addressing the blackmail attempt, stating that she has been receiving calls and messages from someone claiming to have her explicit content. These actions are evidently aimed at coercing her into a blackmail situation.

Please note: “My doctor is completely unrelated to this blackmail situation. Besides being my doctor, he’s someone I’ve trusted with my life for years, and there has never been any issue. I urge you to watch the entire video before jumping to conclusions. You’re free to express your opinions about me, but please refrain from involving my doctor, as he has no connection to this blackmail whatsoever.

To those of you who have negative comments to make, don’t worry, blackmail can affect anyone, and when it happens to you, you’ll have to explain things as well. Remember, there might not always be evidence to support your side of the story”

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