My first ever betrayal Is my mom, she left when I was just 2 – Actress Bimbo Ademoye (Video)

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In a recent statement, the renowned Nollywood actress Bimbo Ademoye sparked a strong online reaction by revealing that her biological mother was her first experience of betrayal.

Bimbo Ademoye made this startling admission during an interview with media personality Hawa Magaji, where she candidly shared intriguing aspects of her life.

While Bimbo Ademoye has often showcased her father, whom she affectionately calls her best friend, it’s a different story when it comes to her relationship with her mother.

The actress disclosed that her initial experience of ‘betrayal’ occurred when her mother abandoned their family when she was just two years old.

She emphasized her strong bond with her father but clarified that she has no relationship with her mother. Despite her mother being alive and living just 15 to 20 minutes away, they maintain no connection. During the interview, Bimbo Ademoye stressed that she prefers not to discuss her situation with her mother, hoping that people will respect her privacy in this matter.

Bimbo Ademoye shared,

Growing up with a single dad wasn’t the easiest because, poor guy, there were some things he didn’t understand. You know, like when you experience your first monthly period, he was just as surprised as I was. He was torn between working to provide for his children and being there for them. Witnessing the sacrifices he made, like turning down his friends’ invitations to go clubbing, saying ‘no, I have children,’ it strengthened my bond with my dad.”

She continued, “I didn’t have the chance to really know my mother. I made efforts to establish a connection with her, and now we do have a relationship. I fulfill my duties as her child, paying for various things like rent and allowances. However, that’s the extent of our relationship. I’m content with not having a close friendship or a deeper connection with her for the sake of my mental well-being and sanity. I’m completely fine with it. My mother is very much alive, beautiful, dark-skinned, robust, and curvy. I inherited my hips and waist from her. Yet, I don’t share a close relationship with her, and I’m at peace with that.”

You can watch the video below for more details.

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