“Mohbad Na My Street Bro, I Still Don’t Believe I’m the One Who Casted His Grave”— Bricklayer Incharge Of Mohbad’s grave Cast

Written by fazazy39

The bricklayer who constructed the final resting place for the late renowned singer Mohbad expresses his delight at completing this significant task.

It should be noted that the musician was laid to rest shortly after his passing, amidst speculations surrounding the circumstances of his demise.

Following the burial, the mason responsible for creating his grave generated online controversy with remarks about newfound affluence.

The craftsman emphasized the immense achievement of being the one to prepare the burial site for a well-known figure.

He expressed, “If they had told me I would be the one to construct Mohbad’s burial ground, I wouldn’t have believed it. Please assist me; I need help. If I succeed, it won’t be a small feat. I don’t personally know Mohbad, but I admire him.”

Netizens’ Reactions:

damblaise remarked, “A quick prayer. Lord, may my death never become someone’s greatest achievement. 💔🤦”

sexykinging commented, “You might be the one to dig him out because an autopsy is really necessary in this case. 😢”

kween_tiwalope wrote, “People from Ikorodu just lack sense. 💔 Is this something to be proud of? What do they want to help you with? Give you more graves to cement? Mtchew.”

_sueldelioness expressed, “Am I the only one who thinks this statement is harmless? Although it’s insensitive, considering all the controversy around his death and how young he was… but this bricklayer probably never imagined he would have the opportunity to build a celebrity’s grave, hence this reaction.”

ms__bjay commented, “It seems like no one in Ikorodu is normal. 😢”

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