“It’s a fabricated lie, ear infection didn’t kiII Mohbad” – Ex-Marlian dancer, Lil Smart opens up, throws shade

Written by fazazy39

Former Marlian dancer Lil Smart has stirred controversy online with his comments regarding the death of singer Mohbad.

Lil Smart shared his thoughts on his Instagram stories, suggesting that Mohbad did not die from an ear infection. He went on to label the Nigerian music industry as “evil.”

Recalling how Mohbad had urged Nigerians to hold Naira Marley and Marlian Records responsible if anything happened to him before his death, and how he expressed his struggle to find inner peace due to those around him in his songs, Lil Smart wrote:

“He said it before all this happened. What a wicked industry. It’s no ear infection. It’s a lieeeeeee.”

Here are some reactions from netizens:

  • theella_space wrote: “God punish the person that said it was an ear infection… petty lies to cover something like this. Let the truth begin to unfold.”
  • marbledaily commented: “This is why I like people like Portable. If he was the one going through all these, he would have screamed for the whole world to know what’s bothering him.”
  • osato_official speculated: “He was killed spiritually because he left a gangster devilish label that his energy couldn’t withstand — Hence, they had to quench him in his prime for leaving 😢😢😢😢. The person who killed him may not live long either 😢.”
  • dr_godwin expressed agreement: “Yes, that thought going through your mind is 88% likely to be true. The name that came into your mind is possible, and even Mohbad already kept complaining for too long, but people never cared until he’s no more. Then you will start seeing posts up and down. May God judge, and Karma will catch up with them.”

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