“Its Plenty Fun Mama ZEH”—Mama Zeh Self Dey Count Money”– Portable Says As He Pack Bails Of Money Made From Ghana Inside Bag With His Wife Omobewaji (Watch Video)

Written by fazazy39

“Habeeb Okikiola, the renowned street hip-hop artist popularly known as Portable, recently shared a video where he counted the earnings from his Ghana tour kick-off.

In the footage, Portable was joined by his first wife, Omobewaji, as they meticulously counted Ghana cedis. The musician, currently on tour in Ghana, showcased bundles of the currency earned through his captivating musical performances in the country.”

“Portable wasn’t alone; his legally wedded first wife, Omobewaji, accompanied him.

The post carried this caption: ‘A closed mouth is a closed destiny; there are no shortcuts, work for it, or you won’t reap the rewards. 👌👌👌👌
IKA OF AFRICA 🌎 Nothing you say concerns me…
CEO of Dr. ZEH NATION, full of inspiration 💯💯💯
Cc. Mama ZEH

Netizens reacted to the video, showering him with praise for his hard work.

Watch the video below

Check out the social media reactions:

Davewellbeing: “When you express love, God reciprocates it with strength. 💪💪💪”

_ella_mose4u: “Your wife’s voice is incredibly soothing and sweet. 😍”

Da_mi123: “Why didn’t you include Youndi Duu in the counting? 😂😂😂”

Blvckboy_ng: “Mama Zeh seems to be the only one capable of tallying up this money completely.”

Flamezyofficial_: ” ‘Different kind of figures,’ but Amuludun isn’t bothered. 😂”

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