“Ayo Makun responds to a lady’s curiosity about his wife’s stunning physique with a cryptic, ‘For those in the know, it’s no secret.'”

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian comedian and acclaimed filmmaker, Ayo Makun, recently addressed a lady’s curiosity regarding his wife, Mabel Makun’s stunning physique.

After a month-long absence following a fire incident at their Lagos home, the comedian has returned to Nigeria. He delightedly shared images and video clips from a friend’s birthday party, featuring himself and his lovely wife, Mabel Makun.

During this celebration, a female fan inquired about whether his wife had undergone surgery, asking, “So, did your wife get surgery for her figure?”

AY responded by saying, “She doesn’t have to. If you’re in the know, you understand.”

“How it feels like knowing that all I have now is the clothes and shoes I traveled with”- Ayo Makun laments his predicament

Nigerian comedian Ayo Makun, commonly known as AY, shared his feelings about having only the clothing and shoes he had brought with him on vacation as his entire wardrobe. This comes in the aftermath of a fire incident that led to the loss of his belongings at his Lagos residence, though this is no longer recent news.

Following the incident, AY and his family relocated to the United States, where they have been residing ever since. AY expressed his situation on a social media platform, acknowledging the challenges he faced.

Despite the significant loss, he maintains his optimism, viewing this adversity as a foundation upon which to rebuild his life. He firmly believes in the concept that there is no real “starting over” and trusts in God’s support, declaring, “It feels strange to realize that my current wardrobe consists solely of the clothes, shoes, and jewelry I packed for my travels.

There’s no such thing as a complete return to square one. We will reconstruct our lives as stepping stones to greatness. God will not disappoint us.”

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