Excitement as Fuji singer Saheed Osupa visit Wasiu Ayinde at his home

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Fuji singer Akorede Babatunde Okunola, famously known as Saheed Osupa, created quite a buzz with his recent courteous visit to the renowned Fuji music legend, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, also known as Kwam1, at his residence in Ijebu Ode. This visit stirred a massive reaction among fans and enthusiasts.

This visit comes on the heels of Saheed Osupa’s earlier visit to fellow singer Pasuma. In a video shared by Saheed Osupa, the two iconic musicians were seen engaged in a discussion about promoting peace, love, and unity within the Fuji music industry.

Saheed Osupa captioned the video with these words: “Peace, Unity, Love. Today, I paid a courtesy visit to King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal at his Ijebu-Ode Home, and we discussed critical and various issues concerning the peace and progress of the Fuji Music industry. Thanks for the honor and prayers, Olori Omoba Akile-Ijebu Land!”

You can watch the video below.

Reactions poured in as netizens shared their thoughts in the comments section:

  1. “@kingsaheedosupa, please, sir, do your best to bring PK1st Obesere and King Wasiu together. Resolve any issues between you and Obesere. All of you have made an impact on the world. We are proud of you. Let’s see everyone unite. I was born and raised in Ibadan, from Oranyan. I grew up listening to Fuji. It’s our pride and heritage; let’s embrace it with love.”
  2. “I love Saheed Osupa. You will live long and healthy.”
  3. “May God answer the prayers of Saheed Osupa and others who have made it in life despite many challenges. Osupa scaled through and became great. God, let me make it in life. May the envy and plots of people against me turn to my favor.”
  4. “It concerns me when legends act like Alhaji lately. May you live long, Alhaji. WE LOVE YOU.”
  5. “Wow, there’s nothing better than this new movement. Now I wish to be a Fuji musician. Can anyone tell me the title of the song playing when K1 is hailing Osupa?”
  6. “Peace over everything. Thank you, Oba Orin. We are grateful to God.”
  7. “Oba Orin, we are loving all these lovely movements you’re bringing to us these days. Long life, Bijahi Rosululah.”
  8. “You’re surprising us these days, Baba. So lovely.”
  9. “Oba, I’m happy for the peace you’re promoting, but please, always apply wisdom.”
  10. “I love Saheed Osupa. You will live long and healthy.”

Additionally,Naijalegit had previously reported that Actor Okele hung out with Fuji singer Saheed Osupa. In the video, actor Okele expressed gratitude for the gift he received from Saheed Osupa during an event at the opening ceremony of BOSSY FOOD CANTEEN in Ishagamu.

Captioning the video, actor Okele wrote, “King Saheed Osupa at the opening ceremony of BOSSY FOOD CANTEEN in Ishagamu today. Thanks so much for today’s gift; I always appreciate you, sir.”

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