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“Do You know How Much Rich Men Lavish On Me daily?— Bobrisky gushes, advices women to leave stingy men alone

Written by fazazy39

Nigeria’s most famous cross-dressing sensation and self-proclaimed “male barbie” has once again ignited a social media frenzy. He recently shared a candid message on his extravagant lifestyle, along with some advice for women to steer clear of stingy men.

In a post that quickly went viral, Bobrisky, in his trademark style, offered this advice to women: “Ladies, here’s a golden nugget for your peace of mind… If you meet a guy who isn’t treating you like royalty, it’s time to bid him farewell.”

He continued, “Remember, the sea is teeming with fish. Someday, you’ll cross paths with someone who will pamper you.”

But Bobrisky didn’t stop there; he enthusiastically shared tales of the numerous men who shower him with gifts and attention on a daily basis.

Confidently, he proclaimed, “The sheer number of men who spoil me daily! These are the kind of men you all secretly desire but can’t capture their attention. I’m left wondering why some of you complain about not finding men to lavish you.”

“I got my body done for 4.5 million” Bobrisky finally reveals the worth of his gorgeous curves

According to a recent Naijalegit report, responding to popular demand, the famous cross-dresser has at last unveiled the price tag of his Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery.

During an engaging question and answer session with comedian and media personality Egungun, he disclosed the value of his substantial posterior. When interviewed by Egungun, he openly shared that his BBL had come with a hefty price tag of 4.5 million naira. He further disclosed that the surgical procedure had been performed right here in Nigeria.

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