“I Shed Tears Until I Fell Asleep”: Lady Who Received N2 Million Gift from Davido Shares WhatsApp Voice Note.

Written by fazazy39

Okoli Classic, who was gifted N2 million by singer Davido, has shared a voice note she received from a family member. In the voice note, the relative expressed surprise that Okoli hadn’t given her mother at least N500,000 from the money she received. This unexpected revelation was shared on TikTok, sparking various reactions from netizens.

While sharing the voice note, Okoli disclosed how people now perceive her as wealthy due to the N2 million gift from Davido. She captioned the video, “Imagine Davido gives you money and blessings, and suddenly everyone thinks you’re rich. I even cried myself to sleep that night.

This revelation led to various reactions as the lady who received the gift shared a DM she received from an entitled family member. Some netizens found the situation amusing, while others suggested that she invest the money in building her brand.

The lady who received N2 million from Davido shared a DM she received from an entitled family member, sparking a range of reactions from netizens. Some found the situation amusing, while others suggested she invest the money in her brand. Here are some of the reactions:

  • @Melda Chris encouraged her to start a ready-to-wear brand with the newfound money and publicity.
  • @LUCY_a commented on family members and entitlement.
  • @Chiona Y downplayed the 2 million, stating it’s not a substantial amount.
  • @Spoiled child made a playful remark about her behavior over 2 million.
  • @Luciano DU highlighted the entitlement mindset.
  • @user91171090736 humorously pointed out a misunderstanding of the amount.
  • @stephanie questioned why she couldn’t start her own TikTok with 2 million.
  • @Princess questioned her perception of 2 million.
  • @Chaplug&l asked where the 500 came from.
  • @Babygirl questioned if she would have given the money herself.
  • @Anny stores commented on the greediness observed in people.

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