“If You Stay In One Place, You’ll See Less”- Sisi Quadri says he visited Eygpt

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Renowned comic actor, Quadri Oyebanji, also known as Sisi Quadri, bid farewell to Nigeria as he embarked on a journey to Egypt. During his visit to the Great Pyramid of Giza, he shared some wisdom, emphasizing the significance of living life at a relaxed pace.

Accompanying the photos he posted, he captioned them with these words:

“Taking it easy IN THIS JOURNEY ✌️❤️ Exploring the Great Pyramid of Giza with my buddy ❤️💪”

Naijalegit previously reported that actor Sisi Quadri humorously mentioned that he earns a living by verbally teasing people.

During a recent interview with Oyimomo, Sisi Quadri shared a funny anecdote about how someone once hired him to playfully insult their mother-in-law.

He chuckled, saying, “People often make unusual requests, like asking me to insult someone for them. I usually respond that I can’t waste my energy on that.”

He went on to narrate a particular incident: “One woman actually offered to pay me one hundred thousand to tease her mother-in-law. She was serious about it.”

He continued, “I asked her to provide me with a picture of her mother-in-law and even recorded details of how the woman walked and her daily routines. I inquired if her father-in-law was still alive, to which she replied ‘no.’ So, I taught her three songs to sing to the widow to make her cry.”

Sisi Quadri’s humorous take on such requests showcases his unique talent for adding laughter to people’s lives.

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