“Life Drama”// Actress Laide Bakare is set to launch a book based on her true-life story On Her Upcoming birthday.

Nigerian actress Laide Bakare has exciting news to share as she’s set to release a book based on her life story. She made this announcement on her verified Instagram page, accompanied by heartwarming family photos, as she celebrated her first daughter’s 15th birthday.

In her post, she expressed her gratitude to her family, describing them as her pillars of strength and the driving force behind her success. She also hinted at the upcoming release of her true-life story in a book titled “#ONBECOMINGLAIDEBAKARE,” which is scheduled to launch next month during her birthday celebration.

Laide Bakare’s forthcoming book promises an insightful glimpse into her life journey, and fans can look forward to its release. 📖🎉✨

Nigerian actress Laide Bakare is joyfully celebrating her daughter, Simi, as she turns 15 today.

On her Instagram account, Bakare shared a heartfelt post featuring a series of photos showcasing the strong mother-daughter bond that has developed over the years. Alongside these cherished images, she penned a touching caption: “Time flies 💃😀🕺🏻🙏 When I look at you, I see hope 💃, the road ahead holds endless possibilities.”

Expressing her deep affection, she continued, “Having you as a child made me realize how beautiful life can be. I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter—my soul, my rock, my friend, and confidant. Happy birthday, my love.” 🎉👩‍👧💖

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