I Hustled as bricklayer, okada Rider to buy filmmaking equipment” — Yoruba Actor Ibrahim Yekini aka Itele d Icon Reveal

Written by fazazy39

Certainly! Yoruba Actor Ibrahim Yekini, widely recognized as Itele d Icon, has offered a glimpse into the remarkable path that led him to his current standing in the film industry. He candidly recounted the challenging steps he took to fulfill his aspirations of becoming a filmmaker.

During an interview, Ibrahim Yekini disclosed that his journey involved taking on diverse roles to finance his passion for filmmaking. He revealed that at one point, he embraced manual labor as a bricklayer. This decision was fueled by his determination to gather the necessary funds to procure filmmaking equipment, which he considered an essential step towards realizing his creative ambitions.

In addition to his stint as a bricklayer, Ibrahim Yekini also shared that he ventured into the realm of transportation by working as an okada rider. This phase of his journey further underscored his relentless drive to overcome financial hurdles and acquire the tools needed to express his artistic vision through filmmaking.

The actor’s account exemplifies the arduous path that many individuals tread in pursuit of their dreams. His willingness to take on physically demanding and unconventional jobs to support his filmmaking aspirations demonstrates the depth of his dedication. It also highlights the resourcefulness and resilience that individuals often exhibit when confronted with obstacles on their journey to success.

Ultimately, Ibrahim Yekini’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring filmmakers and individuals striving to achieve their goals against all odds. His transformation from a bricklayer and okada rider to a prominent Yoruba Actor showcases the power of passion, hard work, and unwavering determination in carving out a fulfilling and successful career path.

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