“It’s Gone, So Pe Otilo”-: Man cries uncontrollably as girlfriend buys latest iPhone with his N1.6M he saved in her account (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Supposedly, a young woman reportedly took the 1.6 million naira her boyfriend had saved in her bank account for a business venture and instead purchased a new iPhone for herself.

Reportedly, the young man, known as Emmanuel, had deposited the money into his girlfriend’s account with the plan to start a laundry business. To his dismay, she used the funds to buy a phone.

The young man confronted his girlfriend, accompanied by media personality and content creator MC Reality House.

The woman defended herself by claiming she expected funds from Canada and used the money to buy the phone temporarily, intending to replace it once she received the expected cash.

Visibly angered, the man yelled at his girlfriend and paced back and forth before confiscating the expensive device and warning her not to try to retrieve it.

You can watch the video below for more details.

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