“You Are A Thi£f, Leave Here Immediately Don’t Spoil My Day-: moment EREKERE Was Chased Out Of Kesari Movie Cinema By Itele D’icon Itele(video)

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Ibrahim Yekini, the well-known Nollywood actor referred to as Itele D’icon, has released his latest hit movie “Kesari, the King,” which is currently being screened in cinemas across Nigeria.

The movie premiered on August 21, with many fellow colleagues in attendance to support him. Using his Instagram page, Ibrahim Yekini announced the movie’s debut in theaters, and excited fans have been enjoying the show.

A recent video captured a moment when Itele D’icon and Nigerian comedian Ekereke crossed paths at a cinema. In a humorous turn, Ekereke, known for his comedic content, tried to join the audience to watch the movie but was stopped by the film’s producer, Itele.

In a lighthearted manner, Itele humorously ushered Ekereke away from the film screening, playfully suggesting that Ekereke might be inclined to pilfer from the audience.

As the video neared its conclusion, a comical turn of events saw Ekereke engaging in an amusing act. He ended up collecting the shoes of a few attendees, and surprisingly, he even managed to lay his hands on the car key of Itele’s fellow colleague, Kolawole Ajeyemi.

The video capturing these entertaining moments can be viewed below:


Erekere meet and greet 😂😂

♬ original sound – Erekere

Check out the social media responses below:

  • Kemity: There’s trouble for whoever brought Ekereke to the cinema.
  • Officialomoborty: Thanks for the heads-up… we won’t let Ekereke near us at the cinema 😂
  • BukunmiOluwasina: Thanks for the early warning. I won’t wear shoes to the cinema. 😭
  • Misterboboskie: Ekereke is effortlessly bringing everyone down a notch 😂
  • Te_anah: I’ll attend Kesari on Sunday… with a traditional attire and no shoes operation 😂😂

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