“I Need A Hug And Some Pampering Care, I’m Missing A lot”– Bukola Arugba Reveal How Bored and Lonely She’s feeling (Details)

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Bukola Arugba, a prominent figure in Nollywood known for her roles as an actress, film producer, and entrepreneur, took to Instagram to candidly express her current state. She shared a post where she openly disclosed feeling rather uneventful today.

In her Instagram text, she opened up about her recent busy schedule, spanning a period of three weeks. She detailed how the day prior to the current one was particularly taxing, with an overwhelming amount of work seamlessly flowing from one task to another.

Bukola Arugba went on to divulge that she had been asleep since morning, alluding to her exhaustion. Seeking a bit of interaction, she playfully invited someone from her followers to simply say hello to her. This glimpse into her daily life and her down-to-earth attitude offers a relatable glimpse into the world of a successful and hardworking individual in the entertainment industry.

In a candid revelation, she proceeded to confide in her fans that her primary need at the moment was a warm hug and the tender care that her ex-husband used to provide whenever she found herself stressed. Evidently, despite the change in their relationship status, she seems to be yearning for the comforting support he once offered her during trying times.

In her written expression, she articulated that the preceding three weeks had been a tumultuous and emotionally charged journey. The day prior had been particularly demanding, throwing her into a state of heightened stress and presenting her with challenging situations. Sleep, she noted, had eluded her, leaving her feeling as disoriented as if she were inebriated.

Her plea for a hug and some nurturing reflects a genuine longing for emotional solace during this challenging period. The hashtag “#Grace” that she appended to her message adds a layer of hope, suggesting that she seeks strength and resilience to navigate through her current difficulties.

By sharing this intimate and personal side of herself on social media, the actress provides her fans a glimpse into her vulnerabilities and emotional complexities, fostering a deeper connection with her audience. The post serves as a reminder that public figures, despite their successes, also experience moments of vulnerability and longing for emotional support.

Check out the responses from both fans and celebrities to the aforementioned post:

  • Wunmitoriola: Take that much-needed rest; I’ve been doing the same for the past 5 weeks! 😂😂😂
  • Adenikefajimi: Sending you all my love and affection, even to the moon and back! 😍
  • Beebeegabson: Sweetie, say hello to me on WhatsApp instead of sleeping all the time 😂😂 But honestly, sleep is so important!
  • Ace_assistants: I truly wish I could offer you that comforting hug, ma’am. 😍 But alas, the distance. Still, sending you heaps of love and warm embraces ❤️

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