“Den No Born You Well Make You Do This To Oba Of Benin” Reactions As Portable declares his love for the late Alaafin’s wife, Queen Dami Reacts(watch)

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Nigerian musician, Habeeb Okikiola, recognized by his stage name Portable, appears to be openly showcasing his feelings for Queen Dami, the late Alaafin of Oyo’s wife. After confirming their relationship a few days ago, the singer took to the comments section of Queen Dami’s post to officially acknowledge her as his queen.

Queen Dami had shared a video of herself enjoying a meal with a caption expressing her desire for peace without stress: “Seeking only peace… No stress.”

Seizing the moment, Portable left a public declaration of his affection for her, bestowing upon her the title of “My 👸 ❤️”.

In response, Queen Dami affectionately replied with a simple yet endearing “Babe.”

In response to the situation, numerous social media users expressed their dissatisfaction with Queen Dami’s involvement with the singer, viewing it as a disregard for the sanctity of the monarchy.

Stormie commented, “It’s a shame to see Queen Dami associating with someone like Portable. She’s far too attractive for that.”

Mumboz offered a counter perspective, stating, “If Queen Dami could connect with Alaafin, why should anyone think she’s too high-class for Portable? Perhaps she requires the financial means to maintain her lifestyle. After all, Portable is known for his generosity.”

Just Standtat shared, “Having been the 80th wife of Alaafin, she now seems to aspire to be the 5th wife of Portable. It appears that money takes precedence over personal preferences for some women.”

Tinna chimed in, saying, “Hold on a minute, are you guys being serious? Is she not allowed to move forward? Just because he was a king doesn’t mean she should remain stagnant.”

These reactions highlight the diversity of opinions and viewpoints circulating online, with some condemning Queen Dami’s choices and others advocating for her right to make her own decisions after her past experiences.

Confirming the ongoing romantic connection, Portable acknowledges his involvement with Queen Dami, who was previously associated with the late Alaafin of Oyo.

As reported by Naijalegit, Portable’s relationship with Queen Dami has been validated.

According to claims made by the controversial blogger Gist Lover, their connection was revealed through screenshots displaying their affectionate interactions. These exchanges, punctuated with terms like ‘My king and Queen,’ along with the use of love emojis, were documented on different occasions.

Portable took the opportunity to address their relationship during an interview on the Honest Bunch Podcast. He affirmed his romantic involvement with Queen Dami, dismissing the notion that he is the father of her child. He clarified that Queen Dami had initially been his fan, with their dynamic changing after her husband’s passing. He emphasized that he had not previously engaged in affairs with married individuals.

This series of events culminate in Portable openly acknowledging his romance with Queen Dami, clarifying certain aspects of their relationship to dispel rumors and speculations.

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