“My Husband Is A Professor In Cheating”- Nigerian Lady Exposes Her Husband Online as Cheater, Her Video Surprises Many Ladies

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian married woman has astounded many by exposing her husband’s infidelity. Comparing it to a business enterprise, she humorously remarked that if cheating were a business, her husband would have reached the status of a chief executive officer by now.

This revelation garnered both support from women who shared similar experiences and cautionary advice from a few. The lady, @bossb359, took to TikTok to make her statement about her cheating partner.

“If cheating were a business, my husband would be the CEO,”

the text overlaid on her TikTok video reads. In the video, the woman can be seen dancing as she expresses that her husband will not define her destiny. The TikTok post gained widespread attention, sparking strong reactions, with some women offering their support.

People’s reactions

Emmanuella❤ mentioned appreciating the lack of concern, but also noted that it’s unsettling how her partner isn’t afraid to cheat openly.

Royalbeehairs shared that she wouldn’t confront her partner if she caught him cheating; instead, she’d choose to cheat in return.

Amy Love acknowledged the coping mechanism but expressed her inability to adopt it, emphasizing her determination to fight against such behavior.

Sonia Lucky humorously revealed that her husband’s secret admirer on TikTok is quite transparent.

Igbo Barbie praised married women’s resilience and coping strategies in the comments.

Egbo Chisom requested stories from those with kind husbands.

Its Ada prayed not to marry someone she’d have to boast about their cheating skills.

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