“50 Out Of 150year”- Yoruba Actor,Olamide Akanni Bangbade Says As He Celebrates his 50th birthday

Written by fazazy39

Olamide Akanni Bangbade, renowned by the name Blessing Okoye, stands as one of the distinguished Nigerian actors with roots in Egba land.

Today, on the 24th of August, this prominent Nigerian actor marks the celebration of his birthday. Taking to his Instagram page, he shared a post that reads:

Upon sharing this message with his fans, the actor’s page was flooded with heartfelt birthday wishes. Fellow Yoruba stars also joined in to extend warm and joyous birthday greetings to their colleague.

The actor experienced an unexpected surprise earlier as he embarked on taking pre-birthday photos. A fan who shares the same birthday as him presented a pre-birthday gift, adding an extra touch of delight to the moment.

Sharing a photo from the encounter, he expressed his sentiments: “Happy 50th birthday to me, myself, Akanni Olamide Blessing Okoye. The journey hasn’t been easy, but I am profoundly grateful to the Almighty for granting me the privilege to witness this day. Who would have thought? I’m just a humble servant, expressing immense gratitude to the Lord.”

In a subsequent post, he continued to convey his feelings on the occasion: “+1 today, and all paths lead to August 24th. It’s a day dedicated to celebrating me, myself, and the blessings that continue to follow me, just like my name suggests. Life’s opportunities are abundant, and I acknowledge that it’s not been an effortless journey. However, today, I’m here to simply thank the Creator. Despite the challenges that many have faced, I’m here to offer my praise. Olorun eshee oobaba, thank you so much, Father.”

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