Oga Bello is Blessed, With Successful Children’s,Femi and siblings are blessing to this generation, Funmi Awelewa says

Written by fazazy39

The Nigerian entertainment scene is abuzz with excitement as Femi Adebayo’s latest film, “Jagun Jagun,” continues to make a splash and set new records. The movie’s triumph has not only captured the hearts of viewers but has also earned recognition from fellow industry peers, including actress Funmi Awelewa.

Funmi Awelewa, the Nigerian actress, took to a social media platform to express her admiration for veteran actor Adebayo Salam, affectionately known as Oga Bello, following his son Femi Adebayo’s accomplishments with the movie “Jagun Jagun.”

In a heartfelt post, she conveyed that Oga Bello is truly blessed to witness his sons achieving greatness within the film industry. She went on to emphasize that Femi Adebayo and his siblings are a source of blessings for the current generation.

In her words, “Oga Bello is truly blessed ❤️❤️. It must be an incredible feeling for Daddy to witness such greatness in his sons. Uncle Femi @femiadebayosalami and the other siblings are a blessing to our generation. May your children be blessed in the same way.

@adebayo.salami May God continue to empower you, Baba Daada ❤️🙌. May He protect us, by His grace.

@topeadebayosalami Please accept these flowers, sir. I am immensely proud of your achievements!

My esteemed Oga Agba Director @adebayotijani, keep thriving, sir. You have consistently been a hallmark of excellence in the realm of exceptional movies. I take pride in all of you. Keep igniting our inspiration 👏❤️.”

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