“We Work Hard To Survive”- Two Young Nigerian Ladies Says As They Do Brickwork, Mixing Cement, Carrying Blocks and Plastering Wall, Sparks Reactions(video)

Written by fazazy39

Two Nigerian young women have garnered significant attention on the internet for their recorded construction endeavors. Displaying remarkable teamwork, these women flawlessly combined cement, transported blocks, and skillfully plastered a building’s wall.

While many online viewers lauded their efforts, a few individuals offered cautionary remarks due to their decision to work without footwear.

The viral video showcasing these industrious ladies engaged in construction activities has ignited a fervent response across social media platforms.

In a realm where building construction and renovations have traditionally been associated with male-dominated professions, the determined efforts of these women are challenging and reshaping this prevailing narrative.

In their TikTok video, the two women demonstrated their construction skills by first carrying blocks and subsequently mixing cement. They added sand to the cement mixture using shovels.

One of them then employed portions of the mixed cement to meticulously construct and plaster a wall she was actively working on. This impressive display of teamwork and skill greatly enthused online users.

Their efforts garnered the admiration of online users, who were captivated by their work. Some members of the online community raised concerns regarding the fact that the women were working without footwear.

Watch the video below

The ladies received commendation from various individuals.

TEE_MOSES expressed concern, saying, “Why go barefoot? If cement spills, you might run at the sight of a camera.

Doublemorny extended blessings, saying, “May God bless you both. I pray for a partner like you.”

chikwado Umuoba noted, “These are good-hearted girls, unlike those seeking money from their partners.

Evaluv7 offered blessings, stating, “May God bless the work of your hands.”

Happilanc marveled, “Unbelievable! May God bless your endeavors.

smart added humorously, “Build the tallest building if you want, but marriage will find its way.”

keenydon advised safety, “Love your hustle, but please wear safety shoes and gloves for your safety. You’re women, and may God guide you.”

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