“Imagine If This is How Gorgeous I Look in Real Life” – Jigan Babaoja Shares Makeup Video Of Himself (Watch).

Written by fazazy39

Renowned comic actor Jigan Babaoja has sparked a response by posting an image of a female version of himself on social media.

In the video, the actor jests that if he were truly this attractive and his leg wasn’t aching, he would have dazzled everyone with his newfound beauty.

He can be observed donning eye makeup with various shades accentuating his face.

Various celebrities such as Bukunmi Oluwasina, Jaye Kuti, Baba Tee, and more, have taken to the comments section to share their thoughts regarding the video posted by Jigan Babaoja.

Check out the video below.

Observe the Reactions from Fans and Celebrities

Cadar_001: Your financial status might not align, but God has orchestrated your uniqueness, Bammi.

Elmahbuub_official: Those lips of yours should be named “Limpopo” 😂😂 Heading to court on Monday!

Baba_Olorunosebi: You could attempt a face swap, boss. I’ll share my doctor’s details with you.

Wunmexbabe: Who misled you into believing you’re not genuinely handsome ❤️❤️

Afroslayss9: Even God must have realized that your aura is too vibrant, hence the 😂

Omoyeniomoharuna: But you’re even more charming than this in reality, haven’t you noticed??

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