“Dey Don Dupe Me Ooo”- Veteran Actress Mama Rainbow cries out after being duped in London (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actress Idowu Philips, also known as Mama Rainbow, has shared a distressing incident in London where she fell victim to a scam.

In a video she shared online, Mama Rainbow was caught on camera urinating in a public space, when a uniformed man approached her. He informed her that her actions were against the law and that she could face detention.

He explained that the station was watching her via CCTV, leading to her arrest. A frightened Mama Rainbow pleaded for leniency, explaining her urgent need at the time.

The policeman gave her two options: either pay 1000 pounds for her behavior or accompany him to the station. Mama Rainbow implored him to accept whatever she could manage.

The policeman stated, “You are arrested, let’s go to the station. You aren’t supposed to do that here, this is England, you need to be arrested. Let’s go to the police station. I am doing my job, we have been looking at you from the camera, and now you have been arrested. You are to pay 1,000 pounds for doing this. Pay 1,000 pounds or let’s go.”

Mama Rainbow tearfully responded, “Please take anything I give you. I don’t have that amount.”

In her distress, Mama Rainbow revealed that she had been scammed by the policeman, exclaiming, “Dey don dupe me!”

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