Video of 8 secondary school students from FGGS Shagamu creating a robot that can explain complex terms gains widespread attention online.

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A group of eight talented Nigerian girls in Sagamu, Ogun state, have achieved the remarkable feat of creating a humanoid robot.

These girls are students at the Federal Government Girls College, Shagamu, and they constructed this sophisticated machine.

Channel TV shared a video on Twitter showcasing the girls’ machine in action. The robot, standing tall with a head, hands, legs, and other human-like body parts, is demonstrated by the girls.

Named Okikiola Sagamu, the girls shared that building the robot posed numerous challenges. These students from Federal Government Girls College, Sagamu, managed to create a robot that not only explains the concept of Coronavirus but also has the ability to identify faces and engage with people.

The process of constructing this robot spanned nearly a year, during which the determined Sagamu girls persisted in pursuing their dream.

The creation of the Okikiola Sagamu robot has garnered attention for the girls and brought recognition to the school in the field of technology.

You can watch the video below:

In response to the FGGS students’ achievement of building a humanoid robot,

@kuwait_magix remarked, “Commendable, I wish more resources could be made accessible to them. But our government no dey send.”

@solypapy commented, “This is lovely. Kids in our schools should start looking at stuff like this.”

@voxofjustice expressed, “The Nigerian Government will never improve on this unless they find a means of using the idea to launder money or steal from the nation’s financial reserve.”

@arcadianlife added, “I love this practical-based work. This should be promoted more in Nigerian education.”

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