Bimpe Akintunde responds to an incident where a fellow colleague embarrassed Jigan Babaoja at an event.(watch)

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During a recent event, Nollywood actor Jigan Babaoja experienced a public embarrassment at the hands of his colleague, Kamo State.

The incident unfolded at the opulent naming ceremony of Cute Abiola’s son, which took place on the evening of August 21st.

In a video circulating online, Jigan was captured seated amongst friends when Ayoola Akinyoola Buzz, popularly known as Kamo State, approached him with visible anger, holding onto Jigan’s shirt, and addressing him vociferously.

Although the exact cause of the altercation remains unknown, Jigan could be seen appealing to Kamo State to moderate his behavior.

Responding to this incident, actress Bimpe Akintunde expressed her displeasure and threatened legal action against Kamo State on Jigan’s behalf.

“Kamo!!! See you in court tomorrow @jiganbabaoja how far??” she exclaimed.

A dramatic situation unfolded as actress Damilola Oni declined to engage in a kissing scene with Jigan Babaoja on a movie set.

Just a few days ago, Jigan Babaoja found himself at the center of a social media spectacle after an incident on a movie set where his colleague, Damilola Oni, declined to kiss him.

Expressing his frustration on his Instagram page, Jigan posted a video featuring himself, Damilola, and other members of the cast and crew engaged in a heated discussion about the matter.

Damilola questioned the necessity of kissing Jigan, arguing that it wasn’t part of the script.

In stark contrast, Jigan, visibly upset, maintained that the actress was obliged to perform the kiss.

The disagreement caused a division among the other cast and crew members as they tried to mediate and resolve the dispute.

On her own Instagram page, Damilola stood her ground, asserting that she would not engage in a kissing scene with Jigan for the movie.

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