“I Money From Abusing People Mostly Mother Inlaw- SISI QUADRI SAYS

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Sisi Quadri, renowned for his unique sense of humor, openly acknowledged that he receives payment to engage in verbal provocations against others.

During a recent interview with Oyimomo, Sisi Quadri disclosed this revelation. He recounted an incident where a woman engaged his services to mock her mother-in-law.

He shared, “People often make requests, asking me to come and verbally confront someone. I often respond that I can’t expend my energy on such endeavors.”

I informed a woman that I would charge her one hundred thousand to criticize her mother-in-law, and surprisingly, she agreed.

I instructed her to provide me with a picture of her mother-in-law, and she complied. She also shared details of the elderly woman’s daily routine and mannerisms.

Upon learning that her father-in-law had passed away, I guided her through teaching three songs typically sung for widows, evoking emotions that would bring tears to her eyes.

Sisi Quadri Shade Jaiye Kuti for condemning veterans who beg money online

Recalling the situation, Nollywood actor Sisi Quadri, known by his stage name Quadri Oyebamiji Tolani, criticized Jaiye Kuti’s remarks concerning actors who resort to online fundraising for financial assistance.

As reposted by Naijalegit , Jaiye Kuti, also recognized as Jayeola Monje, confronted the backlash she received after expressing her disapproval of senior colleagues who were seeking financial aid from their fans online.

In recent weeks, respected veterans such as Iya Gbonkan, Lalude, Pariolodo, and Alapinni, faced financial challenges and reached out to Nigerians for support. Although numerous individuals came forward to assist them, actress Jaiye Kuti criticized their approach, deeming it as becoming online beggars and casting a shadow on the integrity of the Yoruba film industry.

Jaiye Kuti highlighted the concern that the rapid increase in pleas for financial assistance could potentially tarnish the reputation of the industry. She emphasized that several of these individuals did not make provisions for their future, but instead indulged in fleeting pleasures, squandering the earnings of their youth.

While Jaiye Kuti has clarified her stance, stating that she is not opposed to actors seeking help, Sisi Quadri has openly criticized her for her initial statement.Read more here…

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