“Another Machine In Thanks You Lord” – Actress, Wumi Toriola brags as she poses with brand new Range Rover

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian actress Wumi Toriola has taken to social media to share the impact of positive affirmations on her life.

In a video, she confidently stands beside a luxurious Range Rover vehicle. She encourages her fans not to overlook the potential of affirmation and emphasizes its influence.

In her message, she declares:
“Today, let’s embrace affirmations!
I am Wumi Toriola.
I draw in opportunities effortlessly.
I am a magnet for life’s blessings.
Goodness and mercy are my companions.
Opportunities flow effortlessly to me.
I attract wealth effortlessly.
With the help of God 🙏
Never underestimate the potency of affirmation!”

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