“Marriage Is not for everyone & It is not compulsory,love yourself,don’t give up on yourself for others” – Dayo Amusa advise

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian actress and singer, Dayo Amusa, recently imparted valuable life advice through her social media. She encouraged people to prioritize self-love and personal happiness above societal pressure for marriage.

In her heartfelt message, Dayo Amusa stressed that marriage isn’t suitable for everyone. She urged her followers to focus on their own well-being and happiness rather than conforming to others’ expectations.

According to her, “I often ponder whether marriage is a necessity. Then I conclude that it’s not universally applicable. Choosing a life partner is a crucial decision. Marriage’s dynamics have evolved, with rising divorce rates and even instances of violent marital dissolutions. Quite unfortunate.

Believing that marriage will eliminate loneliness leads to unrealistic hopes. Your partner shouldn’t be your sole fulfillment. They’re not designed to fulfill all your needs or carry all your burdens.”

Marriage isn’t a universal choice, as some individuals prefer the single life, and that’s perfectly acceptable. Even those in content relationships shouldn’t rush into marriage automatically. Marriage involves significant commitment; I firmly believe this because it entails dedicating a substantial amount of time together and embracing the “till death do us part” vow, which should never be treated lightly. However, some of us remain uncertain about the path we should tread, and that’s fine; after all, marriage isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario.

If you’re prepared to devote yourself to one person, it doesn’t necessarily have to involve a white gown and piles of paperwork. Commitment can take various forms, depending on the individual. While marriage might be the right choice for some, it might not suit others; it’s important to grant yourself the space to decide.

Prioritize self-love, recognize your own beauty, and don’t compromise your well-being for the sake of others. Remember, you can’t give what you lack. Trying to pour from an empty cup is futile.


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