“I Don’t See Enjoyment In Smoking, Clubbing, Drinking”- Actress Bimbo Ademoye Speaks About Social Life (Video).

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Taking an unexpected turn, renowned Nollywood actress Bimbo Ademoye has unveiled a once-concealed aspect shedding light on her personal life. Via her Instagram, the acclaimed star revealed a captivating dimension of herself: she doesn’t derive pleasure from partying, smoking, or drinking.

Bimbo’s revelation has taken many by surprise, as it challenges the stereotype of the glitzy and lavish lifestyle often associated with the entertainment industry. She points out that when she candidly expresses her aversion to these pursuits, the reactions she receives are a mix of bewildered surprise.

Delving deeper into her inclinations, the actress goes on to share that her penchant for a more tranquil and introspective way of life is profound.

She openly admits to venturing into the club scene on just a handful of instances—merely three times throughout her life. Expressing a sentiment that resonates with those who cherish serene solace, she firmly declares her resolve to steer clear of clubs in the days ahead.

Instead, Bimbo finds solace and delight in simple pleasures: relaxing in her bed, indulging in movies and series, all while adorned in her partner’s t-shirt.

In her captions, she shares, “When I mention that I avoid parties (unless work-related or with family and my closest friends), don’t smoke, don’t drink, and see the expressions they make—it’s quite amusing. I’ve only experienced clubbing thrice in my entire life (never again). I’d rather unwind in bed, savoring a meal in his t-shirt, and enjoying a show or movie.”

This unfiltered peek into Bimbo Ademoye’s choices in lifestyle offers a rejuvenating perspective on fame and leisure. It serves as a poignant reminder that genuineness and personal preferences carry significance, even within the glitzy domain of showbiz.

You can watch the video below:

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