“Don’t Let Anyone Advice You Not To Japa So As To Become Their Messenger”Nigerian Man in UK Shows Fat Cheque Company Sent to His House Abroad, Encourage People to Relocate(watch)

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian man residing in the UK has advised individuals against heeding discouragement about moving abroad.

He proudly displayed a cheque sent by his former employer to his home address, highlighting his prosperous life.

Many Nigerians who watched him commended his efforts in guiding people about life abroad, emphasizing the positive aspects.

He presented a cheque amounting to £1,302 (equivalent to N1,275,804.45) that was sent to him by a former employer as his unpaid salary.

The individual from Nigeria mentioned that the letter and cheque had arrived at his previous address and remained unattended for a duration of two weeks.

He inquired whether individuals could replicate the same lifestyle in Nigeria that they had been advised to remain in.

Compiled below are a few reactions from various individuals:

  • casperfleek commented: “Your progress will continue to improve!”
  • Nikky remarked: “I couldn’t stop laughing at the last part. It resonates with me.”
  • Lara Ajagbe expressed: “I admire those who support their partners’ growth. Thanks for sharing. I’m following you now.”
  • tolurighteous joked: “Hey, share some of that money with me, so I can send my account details. While I’m not giving advice, moving to the UK was a fantastic decision for me; haven’t even spent a year yet.”
  • michealgreg4 estimated: “That’s nearly a million bucks right there!”
  • Minister offered encouragement: “Things will get better for you. You’re making valid points.”
  • jaykayjulius commented on a video: “Someone who left Nigeria three years ago is building a house already, yet adapting to foreign lands isn’t a cakewalk. Discouragement is widespread.”

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