“I Will Retire Before My Star Goes Down”- Singer Davido sparks reactions as he reveals the only thing he is scared of in life (Video)

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Davido, the acclaimed Nigerian singer known as David Adeleke, has recently triggered responses from online users by unveiling the sole fear he harbors in life.

In a recent interview, the “Unavailable” hitmaker Davido disclosed that there is a particular phase that every artist goes through in their career, and he is resolute about avoiding it entirely.

Expanding on his statement, the candid Davido asserted that he acknowledges he remains a prominent figure of the moment.

He mentioned being capable of selling out shows, fans exhibiting overwhelming excitement upon his entrance, and even breaking into tears upon encountering him.

He expressed his concern that a time will inevitably arrive when all these aspects will gradually subside, and he is determined to evade that experience entirely.

During the interview, Davido went on to conclude that he intends to retire before his music career begins to fade.

In his own words: “The only thing that truly worries me is that moment, perhaps when I step onto the stage, people’s emotions are stirred, and the atmosphere becomes electrified. However, in the course of one’s career, there inevitably comes a point where the momentum begins to diminish, and this is a phase everyone goes through.”

He further stated, “That’s why I’m genuinely apprehensive about reaching that juncture; I never wish to find myself there. I often jest with my friends that I’ll retire before things start to go downhill.”

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Here are the reactions from the users:

rodeo_mr: Remarkable words. “I’m going to retire before I turn sour” seems more like stepping aside when the applause is at its peak. Profound words. No one retains possession of the world; you’ll have your moment, and then it’s someone else’s turn. And when your time arrives, excel and elevate others. ❤️.

ashabimajek: This encapsulates life itself—everything possesses an element of timelessness ⏳. Utilize your time wisely while it’s yours… “001” holds significance not merely for one reason, but many. 😍🔥🔥.

carphy_flinks: The depth in “I’m going to retire before I turn sour” is profound.

czar_swisz: Depart the stage when the applause is at its peak.

iam_linchpin: “I’m going to retire before I get sour” – Davido✍️. Understand the opportune moment to step away, even heroes sometimes find themselves cast as antagonists in the public eye when they perform their exceptional feats for too long and it becomes mundane to the public.

kenepisode1: “You can’t reign as a King forever.” Davido possesses sagacious insight.

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