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“God Who Did I Offend oooo” – Lady who has been pregnant since 2022 Cry bitterly Seek God Favour (Video)

Written by fazazy39

An unexpectedly impactful TikTok clip from user @mshuneh has caught the online community off guard.

The video showcases her significant baby bump, and within it, she candidly shares her yearning to finally give birth after carrying the pregnancy since 2022.

Voicing her weariness, she captioned the video with, “I’m done with this pregnancy.” Superimposed on the clip were the words, “When you’ve been pregnant since 2022, and 2024 is around the corner.”

The video stirred intense feelings among online users, sparking a flurry of reactions in the comment section. A multitude eagerly awaits the baby’s arrival.

Video Below:

Here are some of the comments below the video:

@Sunshine wrote, “All I can see is twins. Safe delivery and congratulations. I receive mine in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

@sky babe commented, “Your baby bump is impressively large. Wishing you a safe delivery, ma.”

@TikTok Queen expressed her surprise, saying, “How is that even possible?”

@Niniola simply wished, “Safe delivery.”

@Teddy bear humorously shared, “I’m exhausted just thinking about inducing myself.”

@folawe400 related, “My stomach size is pretty big right now.”

@kaffyayodejiayinl offered a hopeful message, “Sooner than you expected, in Jesus’ name.”

@vickbam predicted, “Twins or triplets are coming. Wishing you a safe delivery.”

@Bisi420 believed, “God will do His work, and I’m very sure you’re giving birth to mighty children.”

@fortunate confidently stated, “You’ll give birth before this month ends. It’ll be a painless delivery.”

@user9168632021901 added, “But you still want him to stay as long as he wants since he is your last baby.”

@oyekanmi Oluwafunmilayo prayed, “You will not experience that. In Jesus’ name.”

@Sekemioba shared a heartfelt wish, “In Jesus’ name, you will deliver successfully, like a Hebrew woman. In the name of Jesus, we will all celebrate with you. So shall it be.”

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