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Man in pains after catching his wife performing wheelbarrow style with His pastor in their matrimonial home (VIDEO)

Written by fazazy39

A man from Ghana has recounted a troubling incident where he discovered his wife involved in an intimate encounter with an unidentified pastor inside their own home.

The pastor, whose identity remains undisclosed, was found in a compromising situation and appeared visibly flustered upon being discovered.

The husband had returned unanticipatedly from a business trip to India when he heard unusual sounds emanating from their residence.

Intrigued and alarmed, he entered the house only to be confronted with the shocking sight of his wife and the pastor engaged in the act.

The husband further revealed that the pastor was employing a large and tall object for penetration and instructing the wife to maintain silence.

Consumed by a wave of anguish, the husband hastily made his way to the bedroom, where he encountered the pastor and his wife assuming a position reminiscent of a wheelbarrow.

The husband disclosed that he had shared intimate moments with his wife on six occasions before departing the house that day, amplifying the shock and devastation brought about by this unexpected revelation.

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