“Haa Obinrin”- I had 2 expensive cars at the age of 24, but women finished me” – Nigerian Man laments in pains (Video)

Written by fazazy39

In a recently shared video, a Nigerian man candidly spoke about his past experiences with women, particularly during his time at 24 years old.

He passionately expressed remorse, drawing parallels between women and influential figures, and mentioned owning land in Kaduna and two valuable cars, including a Honda. Unfortunately, his relationships with women led his life astray.

He disclosed that in his younger years, he lived in a government-provided residence in Kaduna and enjoyed wealth. Nonetheless, his reckless behavior led to the squandering of his resources.

This confession gained significant attention, prompting people to flock to the comments section to share their thoughts on his story and history of poor choices.

Here are some reactions:

  • leeeymarrrrh: “Constantly hearing about these older people’s past experiences might discourage you from marriage, but it’s not entirely true… They might have had the choice to not marry a specific person, but their stubbornness got in the way.”
  • harry_walter123: “Womanizing comes at a high cost. Find a good woman and steer clear of other girls. There’s not much out there. A good woman can help you achieve everything, but a woman with nothing to lose can make you lose everything.”
  • kvnglammie_: “If you prioritize women over your ambitions, it won’t end well. Remember this for your own peace.”
  • bright___r: “Womanizing is a pricey affair! Find a good partner and build your lives together because there’s nothing significant outside of that.”

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