“I returned N3.2 million mistakenly credited to my account after depositing N3,200, and all they said was ‘thank you’ for my honesty.”

Written by fazazy39

In October 2012, Akanji Ayodele, a young Nigerian man, shared his story of receiving a mistaken credit of N3.2 million in his Enterprise Bank account.

He recalled that the incident occurred when he had asked his apprentice, Femi Adebayo, to deposit only N3,200.

Later that day, to Ayodele’s astonishment, he received an alert of N3.2 million instead of the expected N3,200. He explained that the N3,200 was the payment he received for repairing a computer.

To confirm that the N3.2 million in his account was not a machine error, the man decided to visit the ATM and successfully withdrew N100,000. Afterwards, he went to the bank, taking both the cash and the remaining balance, to address the situation.

Ayodele mentioned that the bank’s response was limited to a simple “thank you,” and he didn’t receive any reward for his honest act. However, he did share that the bank showed him the cashier responsible for the mistake, and he witnessed the bank official in tears over the incident.

In his words:

the bank did not offer any commendation; their response was merely a “thank you.” After the incident, he left the bank, and he specifically noticed the cashier who made the error, weeping profusely in the branch manager’s office.

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