“I Have Your Video $ The List Of Olo$ho Wey You Don Kn@ck,”- Halima Abubakar Threatens Apostle Suleman(Video)

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Halima Abubakar, the Nollywood actress, has not ended her feud with popular clergyman Apostle Johnson Suleman.

Despite still recovering from being bedridden for months, she has resumed criticizing the clergyman publicly.

Halima made a series of posts on her Instagram story, vowing to relentlessly criticize the pastor until the end and declaring herself as someone not easily hurt.

She also threatened him, mentioning that the women she introduced to him are now reaching out to her, but she remains unafraid of him.

The actress asserted that the pastor’s side chicks are contacting her through direct messages, while she vehemently cursed him. She confronted him, mentioning that the women she introduced to him are now reaching out to her.

She also expressed fearlessness and stated that he cannot intimidate her, even if he posts a picture with Putin.

“I have all your chicks messaging me, Papi.”

“I will continue to criticize you without rest until the end, and those who fear God will find forgiveness.”

“Stop pretending, Papi. I haven’t spoken about you yet.”

“Don’t trust worldly pastors who make excuses like ‘I’m human too’ and then engage in inappropriate behavior like threesomes. They are shameless liars with no boundaries.”

I could never tolerate listening to such individuals.

May God’s punishment continue upon you, Papi. Wherever you may be, peace will elude you.

Halima Abubakar shares details about her relationship with Suleman.

Previously, Halima Abubakar disclosed her relationship with clergyman, Apostle Johnson Suleman, which lasted for three months. She fearlessly discussed their affair in an interview, unaffected by the lawsuit he filed against her.

According to Halima, their connection began when Apostle Suleman reached out to her as a friend over the phone. They engaged in conversations for four months, during which he sent her 500,000 as a gesture of seriousness in their relationship.

Halima maintained that she was unaware of Suleman’s marital status, as he claimed to be separated from his wife. Despite her constant pleas for reconciliation, he remained stubborn.

She also revealed that the clergyman proposed to her seven times, but she declined each time. Nonetheless, he involved her parents and initiated an introduction between them.

Regarding their intimate life, Halima discovered that she would bleed after each sexual encounter, but as she wasn’t spiritual, she didn’t interpret it as a sign.

To validate her claims, Halima shared old photos taken with Apostle Suleman in a hotel on Valentine’s Day. She criticized media personality Daddy Freeze for supporting Suleman despite their friendship.

Furthermore, Halima disclosed that she once had a tattoo of his name on her hand during the happier times of their relationship, and when she learned of his marriage, he managed to pacify her.

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